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Interview: Eltoria - Creator High Fives

This week we're profiling the fabulous Simone AKA Eltoria. Simone is a UK based content creator who has a community of over 250K fans across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Simone is known for her beauty and fashion hauls and unboxing videos as well as her honesty and openness on the highs and sometime crashing lows of being a professional content creator.

Simone has built the Eltoria brand into something so much more than her social content. She is an extremely talented entrepreneur, having launched her own merchandise lines including clothing, candles and beauty produced all styled and curated in a way she knows her audience will love. You can find out more about Eltoria here and further links at the bottom of the page as always.

Creator High Fives...

1.     The best thing about being a creator is… having the ability to work freely and creatively! I've also had the opportunity to work with some of the largest brands in the world - McDonald's, ASOS, Sally Beauty (just to name a few).

2.     I feel most inspired when … I see other creators smashing it! I love it when creators come up with new and unique ideas and then do well from it, it certainly inspires me!

3.     My greatest challenge is… platform algorithms! One day your posts will be flying with likes and engagement and on other days you feel like that your posts haven't been seen at all. Everyone is in the same boat so I don't measure my success on it.

4.     My dream collaboration would be… not going to lie but I'd love to collab with Zoella - she has been such an inspiration to so many creators. But I also would like to collab with Sophie Louise as I love her content!

5.     If I wasn’t making videos I’d be… probably consulting in a digital marketing position as I am so passionate for all things digital.

You can see more of Eltoria's content and find out all about her here:


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