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Interview: Kiana Jones AKA Freakmo - Creator High Fives

Creator High Fives is a series of interviews with real life content creators and influencers where they answer five quick questions about their influences and challenges. Get a real insight into what it takes to be a successful content creator.

We chatted to Kiana Jones who is known as Freakmo across her social channels. Kiana is a SFX make up artist who has worked on huge blockbuster movies and TV shows. Her online audience are fanatical about make up and Kiana is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to making her looks as realistic as possible. In fact Kiana has been hit with the adpocalypse a number of times and her videos have been demonetised due to her fake gore and wounds looking a touch too real for YouTube's moderators. Kiana touches on this below.

Kiana is running a series of hugely popular in-person work shops around Australia to bring her artwork and techniques into the real world. You can find out more and book your place here.

1. The best thing about being a creator is… Getting to create whatever you're feeling inspired by in the moment, and share it with the world (especially when it's shared with like minded people with similar passions).

2. I feel most inspired when … Usually when I am laying in bed unable to sleep and my brain thinks of 10538957139 things I could be doing with makeup looks haha. I especially get excited and inspired when it's a unique idea that I haven't seen done before, and get anxious to execute it and see if I can pull it off how I imagined it.

3. My greatest challenge is… Right now my greatest challenge is figuring out mental health problems which seem to be exacerbated by working from home. Trying to set up a schedule and enforce self discipline when I feel lethargic and unmotivated is quite difficult. Also navigating the current social media climate, where a lot of what I want to create will get demonetized and hidden if it has any traces of fake blood on it.

4. My dream collaboration would be… Getting a makeup artist who was instrumental in the execution of an iconic movie makeup and getting to recreate it with them on my channel.

5. If I wasn’t making videos I’d be…   Working in the film industry as a special effects makeup artist.

Check out more of Kiana's work on her website and social channels below.

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