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Interview: Tom Armstrong from The Roundabout Crew - Creator High Fives

Creator High Fives is a series of interviews with real life content creators and influencers where they answer five quick questions about their influences and challenges. Get a real insight into what it takes to be a successful content creator.

This month we chat Tom Armstrong, the Sydney-based comedian, prankster and podcaster. Tom is the driving force behind The Roundabout Crew whose comedy sketch videos have well over 300K fans across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. These guys manage to look like they're having way more fun making videos than anyone else and their loyal, multi-platform audience come back time and again for their crazy, no holds barred humour. This has led to The Roundabout Crew collaborating with some of the world's biggest brands and highest profile comedians.

Tom recently launched a weekly podcast with Aussie comedian Frenchy. Check out The Tom and Frenchy Podcast here. And as always links to social pages below!

Tom's Creator High Fives

1.     The best thing about being a creator is… Being able to be in charge of a piece of content and bring it to life quickly! Nothing beats hearing a funny story at the pub and then creating a sketch about it the following weekend. 2.     I feel most inspired when … Whenever I have an idea for a video and it genuinely excites me. It's fun to enjoy the process and feel inspired, so when you have those light bulb moments the adrenaline is awesome. 3.     My greatest challenge is… Focus. There are a lot of projects I want to create but not enough time to hone in on them all! 4.     My dream collaboration would be… I'd love to work with Judd Apatow on something. He's not a YouTuber but he's brilliant at creating comedy. 5.     If I wasn’t making videos I’d be… Working in advertising or writing. Something where I could still get some comedy out in the world.

You can check out Tom and The Roundabout Crew at the links below. Crack a beer and settle in...

The Roundabout Crew





The Tom and Frenchy Podcast


YouTube Channel:

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