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YouTube's New Strike System

YouTube have today announced an updated their strike system for platform users.

The changes to the system are YouTube's way of delivering consistency, transparency and clarity to content creators and users of the platform. According to their video guide, it is a direct response to comments and suggestions from the YouTube community.

Most notably, the first 'strike' will be a warning only with no penalty or repercussions to your channel. Users will be directed to the Community Guidelines to learn why their video has been put on the naughty step.

Further uploads that contravene the Guidelines will lead to more serious consequences including a freeze on the channel and a temporary inability to upload or create content. The idea is that creators will have been forewarned prior to this and everyone will have had the same opportunity to understand what they are doing wrong.

You can watch a handy video about it below and I have included a link to the YouTube blog post and Community Guidelines underneath.

YouTube blog post on the new strike system:

YouTube Community Guidelines:

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